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Call For Proposals

MODE 2023: Call for Proposals 

Moore College of Art & Design

Philadelphia, USA

8-10 June 2023

The MODE Summit has been framed as a meeting of design educators and practitioners to discuss the relevant topics and ever-changing discipline of motion design. Following several years of global turmoil that included a pandemic, civil unrest, violence and the wide-spread effects of climate change, MODE is looking forward to a summit that will reframe our perspective in 2023 and beyond. Motion is change, visible and implied, and encompasses every aspect of human and digital interaction.


We will reflect on how the landscape has changed and what that means for the structures and processes that have been upended, downgraded, and unprecedented. MODE 2023 will explore new territories of motion design education that are unframed and ripe for research, ideation, discussion and contemplation. Our central theme for June 2023 is Unframed, meaning not enclosed, not defined, deconstructed, unrestrained, and unencumbered.

Proposals for papers and workshops are submitted in the form of an abstract. Abstract submission must include: a working title, an abstract, a broad outline, 5–7 keywords, and references. The abstract should be between 400–600 words, excluding references. Please indicate the format of your proposal when submitting. 


Review of paper abstract proposals will follow a double-blind peer review process. Do not include any direct author identifying information in the body of the abstract. It may be necessary to include the name of the project, the institution, etc., and this is permissible.


Workshop proposals will be reviewed by a sub-committee of organizers led by the MODE committee. Proposals are peer-reviewed, but the process will not be blind. 


Once the peer review is complete, authors will be notified if the proposal is accepted for next stage development into a short or long paper or workshop.

Upcoming Dates

15 May 2023

05 June 2023

01  Dec 2023

Revised Paper Deadline

Papers will be available

Final Proceedings


Specifications for final papers and workshop plans:

Final paper submissions must include: a revised abstract and title, 5–7 keywords, author bio(s), paper content, and works cited in MLA format. Figures, imagery, and accompanying motion media are strongly encouraged. At least one author should plan to attend and present at MODE 2021 in person. All accepted papers will be published in the 2023 conference proceedings. A formatting guide will be provided for paper structure. Presentations of papers may be recorded and shared on our Vimeo account. 

Long Paper

Long papers are appropriate for finished research projects, design case studies, pedagogical innovations, and design criticism. Long papers should report original work not previously published elsewhere. Submissions must identify and cite relevant published work and explain how the paper furthers motion design education and/or impact on professional practice. Full papers will be expected to be around 4,000 to 6,000 words. Presentations of long papers are tentatively 25 minutes. Any Q&A is part of this allotted time.

Short Paper

Short papers are appropriate for new and emerging projects. Short papers may be installations, interactive experiences, hands-on experiences, short research-based films, and motion technologies. They may be based on games, animations, prototypes, or performances as case studies of original work or classroom assignments. The purpose of the short paper is to provide in-progress research as a platform for discussion, debate, conversation, and critique. Short papers will be expected to be around 2,500 words. Presentations of short papers are tentatively 10 minutes. Any Q&A is part of this allotted time.

Workshop Sessions

Workshop sessions act as an extension of the conference experience, allowing attendees to be participants. They give presenters an opportunity to interact with attendees over the course of 90 minutes. Workshops can be interactive, discussion-based, and/or process driven. We invite workshop proposals that will engage participants in motion design, motion design education, or a related field of study. Please consider possible facilities and technologies that may be needed and workarounds if unavailable. Workshop conveners and descriptions are included in the proceedings, and video may be captured for online viewing at a later date.


MODE Fest 2023

We are thrilled to host the 4th biennial MODE Fest, celebrating the work of students and emerging motion designers who are creating some of the most interesting, imaginative, and well-crafted motion design work today.

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