WORKSHOP SESSIONS: Proposals Due 1 February 2019    SUBMIT

Workshop sessions act as an extension of the conference experience, allowing attendees to be participants. They give presenters an opportunity to interact with attendees over the course of 90 minutes. Workshops can be hands on, discussion based and/or process driven. We invite workshop proposals that will engage participants in motion design, motion design education, or a related field of study.

Workshop proposals must include:

  • an abstract
  • a session outline
  • five to seven keywords
  • author bio(s)
  • works cited

The abstract should be under 500 words, excluding references. Proposals should be submitted to the conference submission system and will be reviewed by a sub-committee of organizers led by the MODE organizing committee. They will be peer-reviewed, but the process will not be blind.

Workshops require full registration and attendance. In instances of a co-authored Workshop Session one author must be in attendance at the summit.