MODE Fest: Submissions due 15 April 2019 Extended to 01 May 2019      SUBMIT Pay your Submission Fee

We invite you to submit to the second biennial MODE Fest for students and emerging designers. We celebrate the rising generation of motion designers who are creating some of the most interesting, imaginative, and well-crafted work today. MODE Fest has been created to recognize that work. If you are a current student or new to motion design, you are invited to submit your work in one of 10 categories listed below. This is your time to shine, what better motivation to enter your best work or make something new for a chance to win one of ten awards!

If you are a design educator, we encourage you to structure class projects around the MODE Fest categories. Our special institutional rate allows all of your students to enter the contest for one low rate.

No extensions will be given
1 December 2018 Submission System Open
15 April 2019 Deadline to Submit
15 May 2019 Award winners notified of award
1 June 2019 Publicly announce winners at MODE Fest


Round One judging will be completed by the MODE Fest committee. Qualifying submissions will then be reviewed by our invited jurors over a three week period. Based on their review we will determine the award winners. Jurors are motion design professionals, recruited based on their experience, knowledge and portfolio. Jurors will be announced before the judging begins.


$ 30 NZD | Estimated $20 (USA) 
Students and Emerging Professionals

$ 300 NZD | Estimated $200 (USA) 
Institutional Rate


  1. Best of Fest, MODE Fest Grand Prize
  2. Winner, Branding / Identity
  3. Winner, Promotional / Advertisement
  4. Winner, Title Sequence
  5. Winner, Persuasive / Informational
  6. Winner, Experimental / Abstract
  7. Winner, 3D / World Building
  8. Winner, Narrative Short Film / Personal Project
  9. Winner, AR/VR & Installation / Experiential
  10. Winner, UX/UI
  11. Winner, MODE Logo Challenge



Branding / Identity 
Short form project created to promote or advertise

Promotional / Advertisement 
Short form project created to promote or advertise an event, product, or service

Title Sequence 
Title sequence for film, TV or game

Persuasive / Informational 
Short form project created to explain or inform with the goal of influencing an opinion

Experimental / Abstract 
Short form project exploring aesthetics, production techniques and/or technologies

3D / World Building 
Short form project with an emphasis on creating an imaginary environment

Narrative Short Film / Personal Project 
Short form project on any subject with a narrative emphasis (i.e. “something happens”)

AR/VR & Installation / Experiential 
Motion design used to create a virtual reality or augmented reality experience OR for an installation or location-based experience

Motion design used to create a user interface for a game, application or website

MODE Logo challenge 
Be a part of the MODE Logo Challenge! Are you an emerging designer or a student looking to get involved? Help us spread the word about MODE by animating the MODE logo. Qualifying submissions will appear on the MODE Instagram Feed. The best submissions will be shown at the MODE Fest.

        Requirements include:

             + 5 to 15 second animation
             + Black, white and one color
             + The animation must loop
             + Use the “MODE” letters
             + Frame size 640×640
             + Frame Rate: 29.97 FPS
             + File type: H.264

Download MODE19
Branding Parts (70MB)




For a complete list of rules visit: 
MODE Fest Rules 2019

All entries must be submitted in two ways:

  1. Submitted through Vimeo with links only
  2. Submit large format file (exported as Quicktime, do not compress to H.264)
    Upload large files to a shared Google Drive Folder or another Cloud system.
    Make video accessible with permissions, allow the MODE committee access by placing the file “On – Anyone with the link” in the Google Drive share settings (under the advanced option).

For Games, please capture a demo video to share through Vimeo. A large format file may be a non-compressed version of the same video, and/or you may also include Game Builds. For apps, please include a promo code to download a free version of the game.

Upload BOTH links to the submission system, and pay the corresponding submission fee. The submission system will open on 1 December 2018 and it will close on 15 April 2019.